About CE Corporate Capital

CE Corporate Capital introduces sophisticated financial products to high net worth individuals, Professional and Institutional third parties. Our network of leading asset managers and financial institutions have award winning investment products that have proven to outperform the major indices.

Over the past five years the core product; the adventurous M&A portfolio has delivered a total return to investors* of 200% net of fees; though there can be no guarantees to future performance.

As owners of the business, we invest alongside our clients.

With our partner of choice, FCA Authorised, Mayfair asset manager, Marshall Sterling Investment Management (FRN: 646917), we are able to introduce investors to a suite of financial products including:

*At Jan 2018

Fixed income

Lower risk, regular income investments.


Buy and sell shares in the stock markets.


Trade the largest, most liquid market in the world.


Explore real-world commodities, such as gold, oil, copper, silver and platinum


 Get tax rebates on contributions in exchange for limits on accessibility.


Bet on the movement of an underlying financial asset, such as a stock, index, or commodity.


Don’t pay income tax or capital gains on your returns


Hedge against a declining stock market to limit downside losses